1. Iliria IPTV provides a digital television monitoring service – a set of interactive multimedia services such as television / video / audio / text / graphics / data, via the Iliria IPTV application installed on a suitable electronic device, via the Internet.

2. Prerequisites for using the service via Iliria IPTV application are a compatible electronic device with the appropriate operating system and an Internet connection of the appropriate speed, bearing in mind that communication is transmitted via the Internet protocol. The technical prerequisites for using the service and data on compatible devices and operating systems are variable and publicly available at any time on the Google Play store and Apple store. Users are recommended to use the Internet using the local WiFi network, and are especially warned that using the application via the Internet of mobile operators (gprs or 3G, 4G, 5G) may cause additional costs to mobile operators, which are borne by the user. Also, the user is informed that Iliria IPTV geolocates the use of the application, ie that the number of channels available through the application will be limited in accordance with the rights of Iliria IPTV to distribute content.

3. IPTV service via Iliria IPTV TV application can be used by existing users of IPTV service in postpaid mode, as an additional multiscreen service, or as a standalone service. As a standalone service, Iliria IPTV TV application can be used in two ways: free of charge (free / demo) and for a fee.

4. The multiscreen service is activated automatically for all existing users of the OTT service, and the user accesses it by entering the username and password assigned to him. The service is possible use via TV and three additional devices (multiscreen) or on one device on which the service is installed (standalone service). Users are also provided with the possibility of activating additional ones services and additional packages, in accordance with the operator’s offer.

5. Users of the free / demo version of the application agree to broadcast promotional content during its use. The demo version is used to acquaint users with the functionalities and the way the application works, so the operator is authorized to limit its functionalities in this mode at its discretion.

6. Users of the paid version are obliged to log in via access parameters (existing users of the appropriate Iliria IPTV service package) or to register (new users) by creating a user account by entering the required data, for the accuracy of which they guarantee and are responsible. Payments of fees related to the use of the application are made in advance. Activation of the selected prepaid service package is performed after recording the regular payment of the user.

7. Iliria IPTV TV The application is available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Iliria IPTV applies all Google’s terms and conditions relating to the operation of the application published on the Google Play Store and available on the website play.google.com. Instructions for downloading, installing and using the application are available to users on the Iliria IPTV website (https://iptviliria.eu).

8. Iliria IPTV grants users a personal, non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use the application, retaining all intellectual property rights to the application to the fullest extent permitted by applicable regulations. The user is not allowed to copy, modify, create derivative works, perform reverse engineering and decompile or otherwise attempt to extract the source code of the application or part thereof.

9. Current information on all applicable fees, tariffs, costs and methods of payment is contained in the Price List of Services.

10. Additional information on online payment by payment cards:

Protection of user privacy: Iliria IPTV is committed to protecting the privacy of all users. We collect only the necessary, basic data on customers / users and data necessary for business and informing users in accordance with good business practices and in order to provide quality service. We give users a choice including the ability to decide whether or not they want to be deleted from the mailing lists used for marketing campaigns. All user / customer data is strictly kept and is only available to employees who need this data to do the job. All Iliria IPTV employees (and business partners) are responsible for respecting the principles of privacy protection (more in the Privacy Policy)

11. The precondition for using the application is acceptance of all conditions for using the Iliria IPTV application, which are contained in these special conditions and the Privacy Policy, as well as in the General Terms and Conditions for the provision and use of services. During the installation of the application, the user confirms that, for the purpose of pre-contractual information, he has read all the listed documents and agreed with them. Iliria IPTV documents containing the terms of use of the Iliria IPTV application are publicly available at points of sale, the WEB page of the operator, as well as at the request of users

12. Due to the impossibility of reliable identification of prepaid users, the precondition for exercising all rights and obligations from the subscriber relationship which requires prior identification of users, including but not limited to filing a complaint, is registration of prepaid users in accordance with the operator’s procedure.

13. Iliria IPTV in particular informs the user that the quality of application and telecommunication services used through the application depends on numerous circumstances beyond the control of Iliria IPTV, such as local computer network settings, existence and quality of Internet connection, existence of firewall, restricting regulations on the territory of which is used and the like. Therefore, Iliria IPTV cannot guarantee that the IPTV (OTT) service will work without interruptions, delays and errors via the application, meet all user needs and be available continuously and in any place. The User will be able to report problems and malfunctions in the operation of the Iliria IPTV application by selecting the appropriate option in the application itself and by calling the Customer Service number.

14. Iliria IPTV reserves the right to cancel or add channels within the contracted service package and is not responsible for the cancellation of certain channels, or for obscuration (scrambling) of certain content or channels broadcast within the program packages. Also, some channels, due to the transmission system, are not compatible with some devices. The user is allowed to check the functionality of the channel via a demo version of the application.

15. The user undertakes to enable updating of the application or downloading application improvements that have been created in the form of changing the interface, fixing errors, improving compatibility with devices or software, new modules or completely new versions of the application. Iliria IPTV reserves the right to disable the use of non-updated or outdated versions of the application with prior notice to users 15 days in advance. During the upgrade of the application or works on the infrastructure that allows the use of the application, the application or some of its functionality may be unavailable.

16. The precondition for using the paid application is regular payment. Iliria IPTV will disable the use of the application after the expiration of the period for which it was paid (prepaid users), or in the case of overdue and unpaid bills in accordance with the General Terms of Service and Multiscreen.

17. The application may contain promotional information, links, etc. to other documents or websites, which the user accesses at his own risk, since Iliria IPTV does not manage them or has control over their creation.

18. All ideas for new products, technologies, promotions, interference reports and other feedback related to the operation of the application or telecommunications services are not considered confidential information and the user agrees that Iliria IPTV uses them without obligation to pay user fees.

19. The user agrees that Iliria IPTV may forward all relevant information regarding the use of the application via the registered user data, the application and / or via the user’s mobile phone.

20. The terms of use of the Iliria IPTV application are subject to changes that are made in the manner provided by the General Terms and Conditions of Iliria IPTV. If the user does not agree with the changes, he can terminate the subscription relationship

21. Unsubscribing from the service is done by directly contacting the user center, which terminates the subscriber relationship or cancels further use of the service, depending on the category of user.

INTERNET TV – Terms and Conditions
Internet TV channels added via m3u8 lists or Internet TV channel search, do not go through the system of validation and verification, and therefore Iliria IPTV is not a subject to any kind of infringement and does not support any usage of Iliria IPTV application for watching illegal content.

The user who accesses the Internet TV section for the first time will be informed and warned that the entire content he plays via the Arena+ application, works at his own risk and bears the consequences accordingly.

With this act, Iliria IPTV limits itself from liability and warns users of the consequences of reproduction of illegal content, primarily TV channels obtained from pirated servers.

TV channels played through the Internet TV section are often not encoded nor do they pass through the back-office system of Iliria IPTV, therefore they are subject to delaying, misconfiguration and complete shutdown. Iliria IPTV will not accept any complaint related to the operation of the Internet TV channels.

Searching for TV channels via the Internet is a functionality based on searching for “3rd party” services (blogs, websites and other media) as well as channels that are broadcast as “free-to-air”. Iliria IPTV does not own the mentioned media, nor can it manage the content contained therein